Whites who gentrified Oakland are calling the police on innocent Black residents

Photo credit: City of Oakland Facebook page

East Oakland is one of the last locations in the Bay Area with reasonable prices for housing. The area, which is historically Black, is being gentrified by White residents. But like most cases of gentrification, the new White residents are viewing the existing Black residents as menaces to the neighborhood.

According to reports by East Bay Express, Whites are calling the police on innocent Blacks in Oakland at an alarming rate. Taking data from the website Nextdoor.com, Whites have called the police on Blacks for walking down the street, knocking on a door, and not picking up dog poop. The White residents have also called the police on Black salesmen and postal workers who were delivering items. White residents have also hired private officers to patrol the neighborhood.

Members of the Oakland Police Department have even shared that they are being forced to respond to baseless 911 calls. Police currently get over 700 calls per month on suspicious vehicles and people every month.

The response by White residents proves how racist attitudes are an essential part of the gentrification of Black neighborhoods. Along with the racial profiling, the gentrification has allowed some property owners to increase rent by as much as 120 percent due to a rise in value. It has forced some Black residents who can’t afford the increases to move.

The reverse of White flight is occurring across America. As a result, the racist biases will continue until there are legal repercussions for racial profiling by citizens.



4 thoughts on “Whites who gentrified Oakland are calling the police on innocent Black residents

  1. I am from the East Bay my Daughter was born at Highland and I was raised sround Oakland also grew up in the projects in Alameda by the tube.Fruitvale area and parts of Oakland have always had major racial Issues my daughter lived on 63rd by the Colusium,but wjat I am trying to say that its rough in some srras if it wetent the black muslims wpuld not patrol in certain ardas.I know there are major tensions but the circle of friends you have ste based on Truth and the area you exprssed has always been major.Ive seen it and loved it.But now is the time to Unite with Truth.A ho

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  2. Those white people will call the cops on white people who don’t pick up their dog poop. Why you trying so hard to make them seem like this is racially motivated?


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