Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir, Paramount Theater                               December 5, 2015, 7pm


2 thoughts on “Music/Entertainment

  1. Hello Ms. Cornelius, and happy new year to you! My name is Walter Williams, and I’m the founder of I see that we share a passion for Oakland, and so I was hoping that I could send you a tee shirt and some buttons (all free). Just go to the website to choose your style and size, then email that information to

    Thank you for your time, and keep on making Oakland great,
    Walter Williams


    1. Greetings Mr. Williams
      Thank you for connecting! YES, I am born and raised Oakland. With so much going on in the transformation of Oakland, I like to stay informed and I though the massees would also I created this blog as a way to do so. I also have a facebook page at: about you?

      I am checking out your page and I will share with my I Love Oakland, CA- ILOC Fans!

      Thank you for the generous offer. As a Skyline Titan alumni, I will take the red and white t-shirt! Please send to Cynthia Cornelius, Impact Hub, 2323 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612

      Let’s Stay Connected!


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